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Dear Reader,

Hello, my name is Ernie Tremblay…

And I consider myself very lucky to be alive today and talking to you.

You see, over 30 years ago, I was diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease called Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS).

It’s a rare disorder.

One that tricks your immune system into attacking your nervous system.

I became so weak I could only walk with the aid of a cane.

I couldn’t even muster the strength to climb the stairs in my house.

I fought a year-long battle, and I won.

But what I’ve learned throughout my life is disease doesn’t discriminate.

It doesn’t care if you’re young, old, the leader of a nation, or the head of a hospital…

Disease strikes everybody.

My dad was a primary care physician.

My mom was an RN.

I lost both of them to cancer.

I lost my first fiancée to a benign brain tumor.

A year later, a medical imaging device was invented that could’ve detected her condition at an early stage. And it might have helped save her life.

This is what’s driven me to spend nearly three decades hunting down treatments that could prevent the unnecessary loss of life from cancer, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease…

Every condition where a cure has been out of reach.

I’ve partnered with Nobel-caliber physicians like Doctors Karel Liem and William S. Beck of Harvard, as well as Dr. George Gaylord Simpson of Columbia, to develop their published work.

This is personal for me…

Which is why the footage I’m about to share with you gives me so much hope.

You are about to witness a medical miracle. Something that took 33 years to develop…

And something many thought was impossible.

Please pay close attention to your screen.

You can see two cells that have been magnified with the help of an electron microscope.

The first is a human T-cell just like those we all have in our bodies.

The other cell is a disease that today is the second leading cause of death in America.

It will strike more than one out of every three of us during our lifetimes.

It’s a cancer cell.

Given my personal experiences with it, nothing scares me more than that cancer cell…

Because I know our immune systems are blind to it as it multiplies and spreads throughout our bodies.

But look at what’s happening…

Somehow that human T-cell is able to “see” that cancer cell.

And not only see it…

It has targeted…

And destroyed it, with breathtaking precision.

No toxic drugs, chemicals, or radiation are responsible for this phenomenon.

So you might be asking, how is this possible?

You’ve probably heard stories of cancer patients who experienced a mysterious event known as “spontaneous remission.”

It’s where all traces of the disease vanish into thin air…

And doctors have no idea why.

Spontaneous remission is extremely rare.

It only occurs in one out of every 100,000 cases.

It’s a miracle in every sense of the word.

What you just witnessed was not
spontaneous remission.

That brief video clip demonstrated a revolutionary new approach to beating cancer.

“We are at the precipice of a revolution in cancer treatment.”

-Dr. Stanley Riddell,
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

And according to Dr. Rebecca Kristeleit of the University College London Hospital…

It’s causing oncologists to consider using another “C” word – that they’re not supposed to say.

“As an oncologist, it’s not a word you would ever say. We are starting to think about using that word ‘cure.‘”

-Dr. Rebecca Kristeleit,
University College London Hospital

Dr. Kristeleit and her colleagues are starting to think about this being a cure… a cure for cancer.

“The potential to control or cure even the most advanced, treatment-resistant cancers has been elusive until now.”

-Dr. Drew Pardoll,
Director, The Bloomberg-Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy at Johns Hopkins

It’s a sentiment echoed by Dr. Pardoll, who is the Director of the Cancer Immunotherapy department at Johns Hopkins.

He believes this breakthrough has the potential to control… even cure… the most advanced-stage forms of cancer today.

The ones that have resisted all other treatments.

And Dr. Aya Jakobovits is a board member of the Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy.

“It’s the Holy Grail we’re looking for.”

-Dr. Aya Jakobovits

She has declared this miraculous approach “the Holy Grail we’re looking for.”

You see, instead of treating cancer…

A small group of doctors have developed a way to treat the immune system…

They’re using a living drug to do it…

One that has been engineered from about a single ounce of a patient’s own blood.

And it’s delivered in a single shot. It’s an outpatient procedure.

This radical treatment has been at the center of 110 clinical trials.

They are taking place at the world’s leading cancer facilities including:

  • Johns Hopkins…
  • MD Anderson…
  • Dana-Farber…
  • Sloan Kettering…
  • Harvard…
  • And Stanford…

And the results are proving this breakthrough is nothing short of miraculous.

It’s what I call the “CD19 Vaccine,” named after the very first of its type.

Yes, a cancer vaccine.

Ever since the first vaccine was created in 1798 to prevent smallpox, doctors have known that our immune systems hold the ultimate secret to fighting nearly any disease.

But the problem with cancer has always been getting our immune systems to “see” it.

Let me show you what I mean…

This is a CT scan of a patient’s lymph nodes. It was taken at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.

It reveals that there are two cancerous tumors present.

Can you see them? Probably not.

That’s because I’ve intentionally made this picture black and white.

This is how our immune system sees these tumors.

Or, I should say, doesn’t see them. They are camouflaged. They’re hiding in plain sight.

After a single shot of this CD19 Vaccine,
look what happens.

This man’s immune system now “sees” both cancerous tumors just like they appear on the CT scan.

And within five minutes, it begins to safely destroy every cancer cell that’s present.

Take a look at this…

It’s a CT scan of the same patient taken at the same facility five months later.

Both tumors have vanished.

This man is cancer free. 

A vaccine is normally used to prevent a disease from striking.

But the CD19 Vaccine isn’t your normal vaccine.

As I’ll explain in a few minutes, it is, hands down, the most effective therapy for defeating cancer on the spot I have ever seen.

Listen to this story…

At 65 years old, Bob Leggett was a retired captain in the New Jersey Department of Corrections…

And he had just finished paying for his own funeral.

For the past nine and a half years, Bob had been battling chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Doctors had informed him that his last rounds of chemotherapy had done nothing to keep the cancer from spreading.

They gave him a couple of months to live.

But as a “Hail Mary,” they proposed testing this experimental CD19 Vaccine on him.

Never could they have imagined what would happen next.

After Bob’s doctors ordered a bone marrow biopsy and saw the results, they thought the clinicians had made a mistake.

FIVE POUNDS of tumor cells had vanished
from Bob’s body…

All within a few weeks.

A second biopsy confirmed that Bob’s cancer was gone, without a trace.

To celebrate, he and his wife, Darlene, bought an RV.

Already, he has been able to take his grandkids on three vacations.

Bob was also present for the birth of his great-grandkids.

At the age of five, Erika Washburn was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia.

After chemotherapy failed, she was given weeks to live.

That’s when her parents got in touch with a local children’s hospital to see if there were any experimental treatments available.

Fortunately, there was a small CD19 Vaccine trial underway.

Erika became the world’s first child to receive this injection.

She’s now completely cancer free.

Stories like Erika’s and Bob’s are becoming more common.

In fact, the complete cancer remission rates from these trials are absolutely stunning.

  • During a trial at MD Anderson Cancer Center, 73% of patients with aggressive non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma experienced complete remission after three months…
  • At the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, more than 80% of leukemia patients went into complete remission during a similar study…
  • And it was 90% during the University of Pennsylvania’s trial.

Dr. Stephan Grupp helped lead the trial at Penn.

“They were destined to die in a short amount of time.”

-Dr. Stephan Grupp, University of Pennsylvania

As he described it, these patients were all “destined to die in a short amount of time”…

But they beat cancer.

It was thanks to this treatment I’m going to show you today.

Every year, 14 million people will hear their doctors tell them they have cancer…

And there are tens of millions more who are heroically battling it every day.

The world is fighting a war against cancer.
It’s a war we must win.

Fortunately, we just found our secret weapon…
The CD19 Vaccine.

Now a financial call to arms has been issued…

And it’s been answered by some very powerful individuals and corporations.

Money has begun flowing into initiatives aimed at perfecting this treatment for every form of cancer – and bringing it to the world.

  • Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos has invested over $30 million
  • Former Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg… $50 million
  • Microsoft Founder Bill Gates led a $120 million investment…
  • And Sean Parker, Facebook’s first President, has put up $250 million.

The pharmaceutical giants are joining
the fight too, and they are committing even
more money to the cause.

Merck is spending nearly $1 billion

GlaxoSmithKline has committed $500 million.

Pfizer is investing up to $265 million.

Bayer is putting up $335 million.

Roche, Eli Lily, Bristol-Myers Squibb, AstraZeneca, Sanofi, Celgene, Amgen… they all believe this treatment holds the key to winning this war.

In a few moments, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about the CD19 Vaccine, but there is something I must stress first…

Despite already saving the lives of numerous people…

And despite the stunning results of the studies I’ve already told you about…

And the ones I’ll share ahead…

Currently, it’s only being used in trials as a “last resort” treatment for people where all other options have failed…

Because these major pharmaceutical firms have yet to perfect their CD19 Vaccines.

But I believe we’re about to see the floodgates open…

And treatments for prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, leukemia, lymphoma… all cancer… at all stages…

Could be brought to market.

And here’s why…

Out of nowhere, a small biotech lab in South Texas has emerged as the leader in the race to perfect the CD19 Vaccine.

It’s quietly been awarded 13 patents and been granted “Priority Status” by the FDA…

And on June 23, leading scientists from Pfizer, Sanofi, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Amgen, Gilead Sciences, Novartis, Celgene, and AbbVie will all meet in Madrid, Spain…

And they will hear the results of this small lab’s Phase II clinical trial.

It was conducted at a Nobel Prize-winning facility.

Now, here’s something that’s critical to understand…

I’ve already seen the early results of the study. I’ve seen them firsthand…

And as you’re about to discover, they are astounding.

This June 23 announcement will make them official.

It could instantly become one of the most important news stories you will ever read.

It could be front-page material for every paper in every country in the world…

But I’m going to tell you about it today…

And I’m going to show you something that will forever change how you view cancer treatments.

Once the results of this tiny lab’s study are made official, it will likely ignite a fierce bidding war to license their CD19 Vaccine breakthrough.

Every major pharmaceutical firm that’s developing a CD19 Vaccine could be involved.

The cancer immunotherapy market is projected to reach $201 billion annually.

So the winner of this bidding war would have no concerns about cutting this small lab a blank check.

However, I should mention this is a very early-stage company.

Last year, their revenues were only $388,000.

But as you’ll see, they could easily receive $500 million during just the first year from a deal of this magnitude.

That would represent a 128,765% growth surge.

Again, that’s in a single year.

Of course, when dealing with small biotech labs, there is always a chance that things don’t happen as we expect them too.

However, we know for certain they are making this announcement on June 23.

And if everything plays out, as I believe it will, this could set everything in motion… and quickly!

From a medical perspective, this could lead to millions of lives being saved.

From an investment standpoint, this could also be one of the greatest opportunities in modern history.

So here’s what you need to know…

And don’t worry, it doesn’t take a PhD in molecular biology to understand this.

You just need to remember two words: Antibodies and T-cells.

When you’re born, your immune system comes “pre-loaded” with the ability to create antibodies for more than ONE BILLION possible diseases…

And you can thank your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and all previous generations for that.

When you receive a vaccination – say, for smallpox – your immune system will:

Step 1: Immediately detect the foreign invader. The tiny amount of the smallpox virus.

Step 2: Identify the specific antibodies to create.

Step 3: Tag those smallpox cells with those antibodies.

Step 4: Your T-cells, acting as your immune system’s private army, will hunt for those antibodies. And they’ll destroy any cell that has been tagged with them.

From that moment on, your T-cells will remember those smallpox cells.

So if they ever return, your immune system will immediately destroy them again.

This is how vaccines have also beaten Polio, Measles, and Yellow Fever, among others.

Unfortunately, with cancer there is a major flaw in this process.

Because our bodies create cancer cells, our immune systems don’t view them as foreign intruders.

However, ever since 1918, when the medical director at Columbia University accurately diagnosed a case of spontaneous remission…

We’ve known that in rare instances, the immune system can develop the ability to produce antibodies for certain cancers.

So the question became, how do we recreate the process of spontaneous remission, so that it was, well…

 Not spontaneous?

The answer was to change how we approached vaccines.

Instead of injecting a weakened version of the disease into a patient, so the immune system would provide the solution – the antibodies…

We’d inject the solution directly in.

We’d inject the antibodies.



This became possible in 1984…

When two biologists, Dr. Georges Kohler and Dr. César Milstein from the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, England, were awarded the Nobel Prize for inventing a process that could create a cancer cell antibody.

But here’s a really interesting twist to the story…

Neither Dr. Kohler nor Dr. Milstein patented their cancer antibody-creating process.

Maybe their motivations were altruistic…

Like Jonas Salk when, after developing the Polio vaccine, he passed up what would’ve become a $7 billion payday by not patenting it. So there was nothing to stop the major pharmaceutical companies from dedicating billions of dollars toward enhancing Dr. Kohler and Dr. Milstein’s process.

And that’s what happened.

Sensing an opportunity to deliver a knockout blow to cancer, studies were conducted at the leading facilities including:

  • Abramson Cancer Center
  • Baylor
  • City of Hope
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • National Cancer Institute
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital

They were searching for a similar trait that was present across numerous types of cancer…

Something they could use to create a cancer antibody.

And over time, they found it.

They identified a very specific protein called CD19.

And with that…

The race to develop the CD19 Vaccine began.

Human trials have been underway since 2010…

And $6.8 billion has been spent by the pharmaceutical giants.

Now, before I tell you about this tiny, South Texas lab that is set to win this race, let me quickly explain the science behind the CD19 Vaccine.

So far, I’ve been calling this revolutionary new treatment a vaccine because that’s a term we’re all familiar with.

It’s easy to understand.

In reality, though, the CD19 Vaccine is something far more scientifically advanced, and far more powerful, than any traditional vaccine will ever be.

Here’s why…

You may have seen a report or two on the nightly news concerning “Personalized Medicine.”

It’s one of the hottest areas in biotech.

The CD19 Vaccine is personalized medicine. Personalized to the specific patient…

That means no two vaccines are alike.

Each is custom made.

First, doctors will collect a small sample of blood from a patient – about an ounce.

Over the next 10 days, the T-cells will be isolated…

And then upgraded by attaching the CD19 antibody to them.

So the CD19 Vaccine is actually a living drug.

The patient will receive a single injection of this living drug containing these upgraded T-cells.

Altogether, the initial dose could fit inside this single grain of rice.

Once injected, these upgraded T-cells can accomplish what has eluded our immune system since the dawn of time.

They can “see” the cancer cells…

And it only takes about five minutes before they start to kill those cancer cells.

These upgraded T-cells are cancer assassins.

Each can kill 1,000 cancer cells…

And when these upgraded T-cells divide, they pass on their cancer-killing abilities.

So the amount of this living drug will naturally increase once it’s inside our bodies.

To understand how effective the CD19 Vaccine is, take a look at this picture.

This is the CT scan of a 41-year-old mother of six.

You can see the two tumors very clearly.

After three rounds of chemotherapy, this woman was left with nerve damage to her hands and feet…

But the tumors were still there.

So doctors gave her this breakthrough treatment.

Here is the CT scan taken shortly after she received her injection.

The tumors have practically disappeared. And they are continuing to shrink.

At age 50, Roger Griffiths suffered from a deadly brain cancer known as glioblastoma.

Doctors tried every conventional treatment available.

None of it worked. The tumors kept coming back.

This is a brain scan taken BEFORE he received this breakthrough treatment.

I’ve marked two large tumors.

Mr. Griffiths received the Vaccine from a trial being conducted at the City of Hope Cancer Center in California.

Here’s a scan of his brain, just a few weeks later:

The tumors are nowhere to be seen.

Roger’s doctors called it a “remarkable response.”

And this is the “before” scan of a
lymphoma patient. He participated in a trial
at the National Cancer Institute.

He was a prime candidate for the CD19 Vaccine because he had already undergone multiple rounds of chemotherapy and tissue transplants.

And to that point, nothing had been effective at stopping the tumor.

It was a completely different story once the CD19 Vaccine was administered.

Here’s the “after” scan.

It was taken four weeks later.

The large tumor has simply melted away.

Currently, there are 110 trials being conducted at the biggest cancer facilities around the world.

During a trial conducted by the MD Anderson Cancer Center more than 7 out of every 10 patients suffering from aggressive non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma experienced complete remission.

It was 8 out of 10 for those who took part in the leukemia trial at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center…

And 9 out of 10 at the University of Pennsylvania’s.

And from Merck to Roche, AstraZeneca, Amgen, and others…

All told, $6.8 billion has been spent by the pharmaceutical giants to develop a CD19 Vaccine that can be brought to the market.

However, to this point, the CD19 Vaccine has only been used as a “Last Resort Drug.”

It’s a designation for treatments that are administered only after all other options have been exhausted.

“Last Resort Drugs” are given to people who need a miracle.

And with remission rates reaching 90%, the CD19 Vaccine fits that billing.

It’s created miracles.

It’s already saved the lives of people suffering from advanced stages of leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma… numerous forms of cancer.

And, if you recall, I described this treatment as a “Living Drug.”

That’s because it involves a single injection containing a patient’s own T-cells that have been upgraded with the CD19 antibody.

The initial dosage is so small it could fit inside one grain of rice.

But once doctors administer it, the upgraded T-cells will divide and multiply, increasing the level of dosage inside the body.

This is the secret to the CD19 Vaccine’s effectiveness.

However, for major pharmaceutical companies, it presents a challenge…

Cutting through the FDA’s red tape.

Like it or not, the FDA is a regulatory agency.

They wouldn’t greenlight a statin, cough medicine, or even a bottle of aspirin if the effective dosage was unknown.

Pharmaceutical companies need a way to satisfy the FDA’s regulatory concerns.

Until then, doctors will be limited to using a treatment like the CD19 Vaccine as a “Last Resort Drug”…

Because it’s saving lives.

However, if a solution was found for this dosing challenge, CD19 Vaccines could be given to people who are in the early stages of cancer and the later stages.

At that point, the CD19 Vaccine would become the most important medical breakthrough in modern history…

And we could be literally days from this major milestone.

On June 23, a small U.S. biotech firm will announce their results in front of all the major pharmaceutical players.

It could be the answer to their prayers.

Working out of a tiny lab in Southern Texas,
this biotech firm has uncovered the missing
piece of the puzzle.

Generally speaking, the formula for their competitors’ CD19 Vaccines consists of two main ingredients…

Since the original, Nobel Prize-winning process for creating a cancer antibody was never patented, these companies can all follow this formula.

However, this small lab asked a very logical question…

Is there a third ingredient? One that could completely solve the puzzle and be patented?

The answer was yes…

And it was hiding in our immune system all along.

In 2002, an MIT biologist was jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering a magic molecule that’s present in our nerve cells.

Its specific job is to regulate the speed at which those cells multiply.

So this small Texas lab simply took this molecule and added it to the CD19 Vaccine formula.

And it became:

And the transformation was profound.

Now, doctors could create customized
doses of these living drugs based on a
patient’s exact cancer diagnosis.

So a precise treatment for someone who is suffering from an early stage of cancer…

And a precise treatment for someone suffering from an advanced and aggressive stage.

It’s the pinnacle of Personalized Medicine…

And this personalized treatment can act quickly.

For instance, T-cells with this lab’s discovery can multiply at a rate that’s 23 times faster than those without it.

With that type of fast response, imagine the possibilities for treating advanced forms of cancer.

Fortunately, we don’t have to imagine.

This small biotech firm has conducted a clinical trial that gives us a clear picture of the future.

It took place at both the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

It involved patients who were suffering from very aggressive and advanced-stage leukemia.

Each had undergone multiple rounds of chemotherapy that failed to keep the cancer at bay.

However, when they received T-cells engineered with this biotech firm’s magic molecule, the results were stunning.

More than 91% of the trial’s participants experienced complete remission.

The cancer had vanished from their bodies.

Overall, the mortality rate was slashed nearly 10-fold compared to what was previously considered the best known treatment…

So 10 times the number of people were able to survive this extreme form of cancer than before.

I’m not sure words exist to properly describe how big of a deal that is.

  • Yet despite this incredible development…
  • Despite the fact that this Texas lab has already been awarded 13 patents for their discovery…
  • And despite the FDA already granting this breakthrough “Priority Status,” placing it on the fast track to receiving approval…

This company is still on the “ground floor” of its growth curve.

Last year, this tiny lab’s total revenues
were only $388,000.

That’s barely enough to buy an average-sized house in Loveland, Colorado. The middle of nowhere.

To give you an idea of how small this biotech firm is, look at Merck.

Its revenue is $40 billion.

Pfizer… $52.6 billion.

I have an even wilder way to think about this.

Here are pictures of Heinz Field and Gillette Stadium – home of the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots.

Imagine: Both of these packed arenas combined represent Pfizer’s revenue…

The revenue for the tiny biotech firm is the equivalent of just one person in this entire sea of people.

But don’t let their small size fool you.

From top to bottom, their executive ranks
and board members form a veritable cancer-fighting dream team.

  • They include some of the top minds from GlaxoSmithKline, Amgen, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Intrexon, Genentech, and Novartis…
  • They count the Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute as an advisor…
  • As well as the Chief of the Medical Oncology Division of Mount Sinai…
  • The founder previously co-invented the world’s most accurate prostate cancer screening test…
  • And prior to joining this small lab, the CEO had already brought five cancer drugs to market. One of which brought in revenues of $158 million in its first six months.

I believe those sales will pale in comparison to what’s in the pipeline for this CD19 Vaccine breakthrough.

Once it hits the market, I believe it could deliver first-year revenues of $500 million.

So $388,000 last year…

To $500 million a year.

So we’re talking about an incredible revenue jump of 128,765%…

And that’s possible because of a fast-approaching event…

On June 23, it’s expected this small lab will officially unveil the results of their clinical trial.

I’m speaking of:

  • The trial conducted at the Nobel Prize-winning Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute…
  • The trial where 91% of patients experienced complete remission from an advanced and aggressive form of cancer…
  • And the trial that recorded a 10-fold improvement in mortality rates compared to existing treatments.

This meeting will take place in Madrid, Spain…

And representatives from Pfizer, Sanofi, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Amgen, Gilead Sciences, Novartis, Celgene, and AbbVie will be there.

As I mentioned, many of this biotech firm’s executives are veterans of these pharmaceutical giants.

Every single one of them is desperate to bring an FDA-approved treatment to the market.

Now, I’ve already shared the results of this small lab’s study. They are set in stone.

This announcement in Madrid will make them official.

It’s going to be a watershed moment in the war against cancer.

This small Texas lab’s patent-protected breakthrough could open the floodgates, allowing FDA-approved CD19 Vaccines to hit the market.

All they need is to work out a licensing deal with a large pharmaceutical firm…

And on June 23 there’s going to be a room full of them in Madrid, Spain…

Each with deep pockets…

And each will have no problem cutting a deal that could transform a small lab with only $388,000 in revenue into a major player with $500 million in the bank within a single year.

It would represent a 128,765% year-over-year growth rate…

And that could be just the beginning.

If you recall, I mentioned working with Nobel Prize-caliber physicians from the most esteemed medical facilities.

I’ve seen close calls and near misses for seismic cancer breakthroughs.

So it should come as no surprise that…

I’ve been waiting my entire career to be able to say the following words…

Very soon, the 14 million people who are diagnosed with cancer each year may be able to walk into their doctor’s office…

Receive a simple shot – a CD19 Vaccine

And walk out from this outpatient procedure… confident they’ve defeated this disease.

Millions and millions of lives could be saved…

And we could finally win the war on cancer.

Today, I serve as Money Morning’s Chief Scientific Researcher.

My team and I have been tasked with assessing the economic impact and investment potential of treatments like the CD19 Vaccine.

So I get to carry on my work, informing people of these monumental breakthroughs…

While also being able to show them how to reap the financial rewards as these treatments are brought to market.

I look at this as the ultimate win-win situation.

Consider Inovio Pharmaceuticals.

We recommended this stock to readers after tracking the firm’s progress on a new generation of treatments for highly infectious diseases like HIV and Ebola…

We expected that this stock could move fast…

And it did.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals Shot Up as High as 361%.

A similar situation presented itself when my team and I uncovered a tiny company out of Needham, Massachusetts, called Celldex Therapeutics.

They were working on a new class of drugs known as “immunomodulators.”

They can treat inflammatory diseases like asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, and rheumatoid arthritis.

The potential was enormous, so we immediately told our readers about it.

At the time, Celldex Therapeutics was trading for $5 a share…

And just as we predicted, it took off. The stock soared as much as 629%.

Later, we vetted Pharmacyclics.

They were developing a radical new treatment for common B-cell disorders, including a disease known as Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia.

We knew they were onto something big…

So we dug further.

We found that their CEO had recently loaded up on over 13 million shares.

This was relevant, because he had a track record of backing winners.

Previously, he ran robotic surgery pioneer Intuitive Surgical.

It was a $3 stock when he first took over that company. Since then, it’s reached $859 a share.

So with his new firm, Pharmacyclics, all the telltale signs were in place…

And we recommended it as an immediate “buy.”

I’m glad we did.

Pharmacyclics not only went on to
receive FDA approval and help relieve the
suffering of thousands…

It delivered peak returns of 818%, before the company was acquired…

My team and I have proven our ability to identify windfalls like these again and again…

  • Astex Pharmaceuticals:       222%
  • Gilead Sciences:                    504%
  • Galena Biopharma:              227%
  • Repligen:                                417%
  • Galápagos NV:                       931%
  • Horizon Pharma:                  337%

And whether it’s Gilead Sciences, Repligen, or Galápagos… my team and I always follow the same formula.

First, we identify the medical potential and scientific merit for any treatment.

Next, we assess the potential for FDA approval.

Then we vet the management teams and the financial health of their companies.

Finally, after we put all the pieces together, we identify the specific catalysts that could cause their stock prices to aggressively move, and when that momentum could kick in.

This tiny Texas biotech firm has passed the test with flying colors.

And frankly, its potential is in a class all its own.

It has invented and received 13 patents for its CD19 Vaccine breakthrough.

This is critical for bringing CD19 cancer vaccines to the mass market.

Yet, at just $388,000 in revenue, it presents a rare chance to get in on the ground floor of a medical marvel.

One that already demonstrates stunning potential for saving lives.

To put it bluntly, the upside for this stock is greater than anything I’ve seen in my entire career.

Because after June 23, when, as everybody expects, they officially announce the results of that clinical trial…

They could start negotiating a massive licensing deal, with the pharmaceutical giant that is willing to cut the biggest check.

This small biotech firm could easily find
themselves on the fast track to a first-year
payday of $500 million.

Obviously, nothing in the market is guaranteed…

And situations don’t always play out as we expect…

However, there is something very important I want to point out.

For early-stage companies, licensing deals with larger drug companies can cause near overnight revenue surges.

Take Heptares Therapeutics.

They developed a technology platform called StaR for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Last year, Allergan inked a deal worth $3.3 billion to get their hands on it.

As I mentioned, in the past my team targeted a small company called Galápagos…

And our predictions were right.

This stock rose as high as 931%.

Galápagos was prime for a licensing deal, because they had developed a special treatment for rheumatoid arthritis.

It had fewer side effects than the JAK1 inhibitors doctors were usually prescribing.

Gilead Sciences quickly negotiated a $1.35 billion licensing deal to distribute that treatment.

I also told you about our prior research into Inovio…

And we were right again.

The stock peaked 361% higher…

And its quick rise was thanks to a licensing deal with MedImmune.

That was worth $700 million.

And earlier this year, Sanofi was looking to expand their pipeline into autoimmune diseases like arthritis, psoriasis, and celiac disease.

So they entered into a $500 million agreement with ImmuNext to license their autoimmune disease treatment platform.

These deals are all impressive on their own.

But if this Texas lab inks theirs soon – it could be a record setter.

That’s simply because – even at a conservative estimate of $500 million…

That would cause revenues to jump
128,765% in just the first year.

It’s a huge spike.

But get this.

That would still represent just a fraction of the cancer immunotherapy market.

That’s projected to reach $201 billion.

So from year two on, revenues could soar many multiples higher as they get a bigger piece of that pie.

Now, this is a small company.

And stocks of this size can be volatile. However, the upside is impossible to ignore.

For early backers of this biotech firm, the reward could be a historic windfall.

So I’ve prepared an urgent, CD19 Vaccine Investment Dossier.

I will be releasing it today.

I would like to make sure you receive a copy of it…

Because you don’t have much time left to act.

Here’s why…

This expected announcement on June 23 is regarding the results of a Phase II clinical trial.

This is a sweet spot for biotech stocks.

During Phase I, the study is looking to determine whether the treatment is safe.

During Phase II, they’re looking to see if it actually works as it’s intended to.

Oftentimes, immediately after a positive announcement for a Phase II clinical trial, you will see a stock take off like a rocket.

Consider Intercept Pharmaceuticals.

Back in 2014, they conducted a Phase II clinical trial for their synthetic “obeticholic acid” treatment for chronic liver disease.

On January 9, they announced positive results for the test.

One day later…

On January 10, the stock had spiked 595%…

Jumping from $71 to $497 a share…

And transforming a $5,000 stake into $34,750.

From there, the company kept running.

Prior to those test results, its total revenue was only $1.66 million.

It spiked 28-fold in the years that followed.

Aquinox Pharmaceuticals is an even more impressive story.

Back in 2015, they conducted a Phase II clinical trial for their treatment for interstitial cystitis.

This is a painful condition where the bladder gets inflamed.

On Thursday, August 6, they announced the positive results of their test.

Their share price soared from $1.79…

To an overnight high of almost $12.

So in less than a single trading day, it was up around 570%…

And it didn’t stop there.

The following Monday, the stock hit $55.75 a share.

That brought the total tally to 3,014% in just four days.

Just think about being one of the winners of that announcement.

It’s a Thursday, and you control $5,000 worth of Aquinox’s stock.

Then on Monday, when you check your account, you discover it’s worth $155,700.

I think it’s a good bet that after this Texas biotech firm’s June 23 announcement, investors could be in an even better position than Aquinox’s shareholders were.

But that is still just a jumping-off point.

The near-term windfall potential is off the charts.

Aquinox was a $19 million company prior to its Phase II announcement.

It recently reached as high as $462.8 million.

Currently, this small Texas biotech firm only has $388,000 in revenue.

After their big Phase II announcement, they could be positioned to lock up $500 million within a year.

I already know the early results of this trial…

And I know who their prospective partners are for a licensing deal.

So I’m confident they’ll be touting a 128,765% revenue jump a year from now…

And a much larger number in year two. Because…

In addition to receiving “Priority Status”
from the FDA…

This Texas lab’s execs recently met with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to fast track their approval overseas…

And the company’s insiders are sending some pretty strong signals that they know something BIG is coming.

They’ve quietly loaded up on 5.7 million shares…

And you’d be wise to follow in their footsteps.

If you want to be a part of this, you will want to strike while shares are trading for relatively pocket change.

Everything you need to know to capitalize on this truly ground floor opportunity is in my CD19 Vaccine Investment Dossier.

You’ll receive all the details on this Texas lab…

Their patents, potential licensing partners…

And because this is a small company – only $388,000 in revenue – it’s critical you follow my strict buy-up-to price recommendation.

Now, due to its size…

I also have to limit the number of copies of my CD19 Vaccine Investment Dossier I distribute.

I want to make sure everybody has a chance to secure shares of this stock while it’s trading at a microscopic fraction of where I believe it’ll be after June 23.

So I’m only going to be sending copies of my CD19 Vaccine Investment Dossier to members of a research service I run call Biotech Insider Alert

And I can only accept 500 new members today.

I rarely allow additional people to join, so I don’t anticipate any spots being available tomorrow.

With Biotech Insider Alert, I leverage my decades of expertise and high-level connections.

When I call a pharmaceutical firm or medical lab – large or small – they pick up the phone.

When I want to analyze the most significant details of their most important studies, I know exactly where to find the information I need.

I carefully vet these small stocks. They often trade for a couple bucks a share. I’m not focused on biotech heavyweights with $50 billion market caps.

I’m looking for the ground floor opportunities with the firms that could one day join their ranks.

Every month, I deliver members Investment Research Reports on these companies.

I’m vetting small stocks that are about to reach a specific milestone.

With this small Texas lab and its CD19 Vaccine breakthrough, the milestone is the announcement of its Phase II clinical trial.

Another milestone I focus on is a firm being granted “Orphan Drug Status” from the FDA.

This is a designation for breakthroughs that are used to fight rare diseases.

Since 1983, the FDA has granted this designation to about 18 drugs per year.

Companies developing a treatment with Orphan Drug Status can claim up to 50% of their research and development costs in the form of tax credits.

In the U.S., the FDA will even waive application and filing fees. That’s a savings of at least $2.3 million for the drug company.

But this is where the situation gets very interesting…

Any company with an Orphan Drug designation receives exclusivity protection for seven years.

During this time, nobody else is allowed to market a similar treatment.

This is a huge competitive advantage.

So it can be a monumental catalyst for a stock.

Consider Seattle Genetics.

When they were developing Adcetris – a drug designed to treat a type of lymphoma – their stock was trading for $2.38.

Once they received Orphan Drug Status for this treatment, it helped propel their stock to $64.81 a share.

That’s a 2,623% surge.

United Therapeutics is an even more lucrative case study.

Today, they’re known for the drug Remodulin. It treats a rare lung condition known as pulmonary arterial hypertension.

But back when they were developing Remodulin, their stock was trading for only $4.50 a share.

However, the FDA granted their treatment Orphan Drug Status. And it was a powerful catalyst.

It was a major reason why United Therapeutics’ stock soared to $183.72 a share…

And early investors were handed a 3,983% windfall.

Now, if you want to really be blown away, let’s look at Alexion Pharmaceuticals.

At one point, they were just a tiny lab in Connecticut that almost nobody had heard of…

But that all changed thanks to their drug Soliris.

It treats a rare disorder that destroys the body’s red blood cells.

While they were developing Soliris, Alexion Pharmaceuticals was trading for $1.50 a share…

But then their treatment received Orphan Drug status from the FDA…

And you can guess what happened next.

It helped the stock explode up to $197 a share.

If you had been along for that ride, you would’ve collected a 13,033% payday.

In other words, a modest, $1,000 investment could’ve transformed into $131,333.

Let me just share one more example…

Jazz Pharmaceuticals.

The company received Orphan Drug Status for Defibrotide.

It’s a drug designed to help fight a disease that obstructs the tiny veins in the liver.

The result?

It helped fuel one of the wildest success stories in biotech history.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals soared from $0.55 cents a share to over $192.

That’s more than a 348-fold return…

More than 34,800%.

A modest $1,000 investment could’ve paid out $349,000.

Today, seven of the 10 highest revenue-grossing drugs in the world have received Orphan Drug designation…

And these, along with Phase II clinical trial announcements, are milestones from a small list I require before I recommend a new ground floor opportunity to Biotech Insider Alert members.

Again, you can expect to receive investment research reports regarding these small stocks every month.

In addition I’m going to provide you with member-exclusive, Virtual Treatment Videos that demonstrate these remarkable breakthroughs.

Remember how stunning the brief clip I shared at the beginning of this presentation was?

It showed you, with amazing detail, a human T-cell targeting and destroying a cancer cell.

You were watching the CD19 Vaccine in action.

These Virtual Treatment Videos give you an even greater appreciation for these breakthroughs.

They help you see the enormous potential to change, even save lives…

As well as the investment potential these treatments present.

Combined with the Investment Research Reports, you’ll have everything you need to be able to capitalize on these opportunities.

Now, you will also regularly receive a Biotech Insider Alert Milestone Calendar.”

I’m always updating this. It will be housed on the members-only website…

And it shows you future ground-floor opportunities, along with the milestones that have put them on my radar.

I will also hold exclusive Roundtable Conference Calls and Webinars.

I’m going to give you progress updates on our open recommendations…

And I’ll answer your most asked questions, so you are constantly kept up to speed.

Then whenever it’s time to close out one of our opportunities, I will release a Real-Time Profit Alert.

This will help you maximize your returns.

For example, I uncovered a company called Aegerion Pharmaceuticals.

Aegerion had developed a drug aimed at treating a rare, hereditary cholesterol problem called HoFH.

Their treatment had real potential to save lives and relieve suffering for many.

The milestone I was targeting was a fast-approaching FDA approval.

Originally, l recommended a buy-in at roughly $17 per share.

Just two months later, I issued the Real-Time Profit Alert.

As I anticipated, they received FDA approval for their treatment…

And the stock shot all the way up to $101 per share.

It gave members the chance to collect a 494% windfall.

Sangamo Therapeutics is another one of my favorites.

They developed a treatment with enormous potential for fighting HIV.

They used what was known as Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN) technology. This can replicate the genetic coding of people who are naturally immune to HIV infection.

According to my research, Sangamo Therapeutics was primed to release the results of their spectacular clinical trial.

Initially, I recommended buying the stock at $7.92 a share.

After they made their trial results public, it went on to climb as high as $24.12…

And I sent members a Real-Time Profit Alert.

That was good for a 304% winner.

Now, here’s something I want to point out…

Some of these opportunities we’ll be in for weeks, others months…

But sometimes you’ll have the chance to collect windfalls in a matter of days.

Look at what happened with Esperion Therapeutics.

Esperion had developed a small molecule drug called bempedoic acid, to treat high cholesterol…

One without the many side effects some patients experience with current statin drugs.

So again, this one was a slam-dunk.

They released positive data from one of their Phase II studies. The drug lowered “bad” LDL cholesterol by up to 30%.

Two days later, I sent out the Real-Time Profit Alert telling members to capture a 211% win.



To ensure you never miss one of these fast-payouts, I suggest you take advantage of my text message notification system.

It will send your cell phone an alert whenever I release a new Investment Research Report or Real-Time Profit Alert.

Finally, to help you get “set up,” I’m also including two important guides.

The first is the Biotech Insider Alert Fast Start Guide.

This explains all you need to know about biotech milestone dates – the unique catalyst events that can send a firm’s share price soaring – sometimes overnight.

It’s critical to know what they are… and more importantly how you can use them to maximize your profits. And this guide will walk you through everything in a very easy, simple-to-understand manner.

Next, you’ll want to understand some of the basic terms and lingo…

So I’m also including a copy of my Biotech Insider Vocabulary List.

It contains 65 key industry and investing terms you’ll need to know.

As you can see, Biotech Insider Alert is incredibly comprehensive.

It’s for people who want to discover how to capitalize on these medical marvels that are being developed by tiny labs and pharmaceutical firms around the world.

Companies like Illumina…

A virtually unknown firm that invented a system for genetic sequencing…

That drove the stock up 3,679%.

Or Medivation.

Its prostate cancer treatment pushed this stock up 5,744%.

And Regeneron Pharmaceuticals experienced a 7,650% surge thanks to a drug portfolio that included a treatment for macular degeneration.

These are millionaire-making opportunities…

And my expertise allows me to uncover them.

Which is why Biotech Insider Alert costs $5,000 to join for one year…

And even at that rate, it doesn’t take long for my research to pay for itself.

“I am up $10K in a little over one month. Soon we will have a very nice retirement after suffering huge losses at the hands of Fidelity.”

-Andrew Rogers

I’m always proud to read letters from members who tell me they’re up $10,000 right out of the gate…

“I made close to 30k profit… Thank you VERY much! “

-Terrence Yardley

Or they’ve just pocketed $30,000.

“Thanks so much. I’m pacing 1,484% on an annualized basis. I am very pleased!”

-Gary Smith

Some let me know they’re on pace to make more than 1,400% for the year.

“Glad to write and congratulate you on your picks! I’m pacing a 2,978% rate of return for the year!”

-Robert Samson

Others nearly 3,000%. And they offer me their congratulations…

When I should be the one congratulating them!

I want to make this decision as easy as possible for you.

So you can discover how to get in on the ground floor of this small, Texas lab’s CD19 Vaccine breakthrough.

This is your chance to invest in a tiny stock that could experience a 128,765% surge in revenues…

From $388,000 to $500 million in a single year.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…

But remember: due to the small size of this Texas lab, I can only release 500 copies of my CD19 Vaccine Investment Dossier today.

First come, first served.

Now, I realize this is still a serious amount of money…

So you deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your money has been well spent…

Which is why I’m also including two unique guarantees.

Guarantee #1: You will receive a three-month, 100% money-back guarantee.

Take the next 90 days to try out Biotech Insider Alert.

If it doesn’t perform up to your expectations, let my team know.

You’ll receive every penny of your subscription fee back.

That one covers you in the short-term…

But I’ve also got you covered over the long haul.

Guarantee #2: You will have the chance to capture 200% gains at least 10 times over the next year.

This one is also straightforward.

Over the next year, I will recommend at least 10 stocks that rise no less than 200% each.

If not, I will give you another year of membership on the house.

So I’ll work for free for you. My entire team will work for free for you…

For another year.

I think you’ll agree, that’s a fair deal…

So let’s not waste another moment.

June 23 is right around the corner.

This small Texas lab’s announcement could change how we treat cancer forever…

And its revenues could surge 128,765% in a year.

Just click the link at the bottom of this page.

It will take you to a short subscription form.

But don’t delay.

There are only 500 memberships available today.

They won’t last long.

If you prefer speaking with someone over the phone, just call VIP Services Director Gabe Oropollo at 1.855.509.6600 (1.443.353.4770 for international callers) and mention Priority Code WERNT610.

I look forward to working with you.

Ernie Tremblay
Founding Editor, Biotech Insider Alert
June 2017

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